Carefully curated gift boxes of globally and fairly sourced handmade items

Purchase with a Purpose

Items are made by artisans working in fair conditions who are paid fair wages. Fair trade promotes economic justice and sustainability, positively impacting artisans, their families and their communities. Connect with the World.

How it Works


We carefully gather globally and Fairly sourced handmade items.


Each month a gift box of handcrafted items from a new region of the world is delivered to your door.


Helps support traditional culture, arts and artisans

We select handmade items that are whimsical, practical, and delightful. Each month we seek to sponsor causes close to our hearts which include promoting efforts to stop human trafficking, child prostitution and the destruction of endangered species.

Purchase with a Purpose

Connect with the traditions and culture of new regions of the world every month. Purchasing our fair trade crate helps to insure the continuation of traditional crafts by enabling artisans to earn a fair wage.

Buy Fair • Be Fair

Give a Chick Project

With each new first time subscription you give the gift of a baby chick which will be part of a flock given to a family in a sponsored village. Each box you give as a gift also contributes a chick. Nutritious fresh eggs for the family and marketplace.



charged every month



$101.85 charged every 3 months



$191.70 charged every 6 months